I am looking for:

Lower Than Angels

A Nobilis game

In which Lord Entropy is defeated and the Excrucians held at bay


An Exalted game

In which the world is conquered and the forces of chaos and darkness defeated


A My Life with Master game

In which pathetic evildoers find death or redemption

New Jerusalem

A western game

In which corruption is exposed, a nun curses, and a child is shot

Revenge of the Jedi

An alternate-history Star Wars Episode VI game

In which Luke turns to the Dark Side, Leia cuts him down, Mace Windu kicks ass, R2 curses profusely, and Lando loses to Han repeatedly

Bridal Falls

A Dogs in the Vineyard game

In which pseudo-Mormon cowboy paladins kill evil and then each other

World of Kewlness

The World of Darkness as it was never meant to be played, but usually is…

No-holds barred supernatural action! With ninjas and katanas and trenchcoats and shit!

The Outer Dark

A Fading Suns game

H.P. Lovecraft presents Frank Herbert's Firefly

The Unnamed 2006 Sessions

Another Nobilis game

Which featured exploding pyramids but was cut short

Something Else

Things which are not chronicles of stories we have run